Monday, 11 January 2010

Away With The Faeries. Pt 1

Lying in the dark covered in the stripes, oh dear. What's happened?
Go away she said.
Of course, I was taken aback. I know there is something wrong!

Sweet, sweet girl. You seem to be bothered!
When I look inside the girl I have discovered,
is turning her back at the truth and lies
But dear dear you must believe your eyes
The faeries are calling, or so I'm told
And you better believe it before you get old
There is an enchanting world you must behold
You're turning blue oh don't be so...

She stood up and said aloud,

"The darkness has enchanted me
A few seconds more and I will be free.
Just... blink."

Although I did not want to. I blinked.

She was gone.

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